I'm so happy you're here! I do admit I'd have baked something chocolately or at least tidied up a bit if I had known you were coming. Come on in, have a seat and get comfy!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow, I'm back!

I have to ask forgiveness for not posting in so long! I got caught up in a whirling vortex of real-life stuff and just couldn't seem to find the exit! I've finally found my way back here and hope everyone has been safe and happy throughout the holiday seasons and throughout all the nasty weather across the country this winter!

What is UP with all the snow? Who hasn't been buried up to parts unmentioned with snow this year??! Now, don't get me wrong. I grew up here in the northern US and am quite accustomed to harsh weather. I also find those wee morning hours with icy branches glistening in the sun's first rays to be wonderously beautiful. Some days are absolutely breathlessly lovely. BUT..I really do feel sorry for those that have to risk their limbs and even lives to get to work in dangerous weather. This is the negative aspect of living in a winter wonderland. It seems even those nutty enough to live up here in the north had to shovel this year though! Sorry about that! I ordered all the snow to be delivered up here but I think I addressed a few cubic yards wrong! MY BAD!

I'm looking forward to spring myself. I'm tired of "winter cleaning". That's nonconformist speak for "spring cleaning". Yeah, I'm most constructive this time of year. Don't ask. I'm also a 3am sort of shopper and 5am dinner eater. /boggles at self.

SO! Other than my being backasswards in all ways...tell me how your winter is going!

Miss P.