I'm so happy you're here! I do admit I'd have baked something chocolately or at least tidied up a bit if I had known you were coming. Come on in, have a seat and get comfy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One person's trash is another person's...

trash, damnit! How many of you out there have been buried alive with other people's "treasures" to the point that you can't move in your own homes?

God bless 'em, my family has done just that for 17 years. I'm an adopted, only child. I'm sure you can imagine what that entails. In this scenario, it means there's no one else to give all those pretty knick-knacks, used furniture, sets of dishes and antiques to. Argh! I've never had the heart decline such gifts because I couldn't take the look of sadness on a family member's face. =/

Now, I'm not an unappreciative bitch. I truely am not. I actually do "like" most of the items and wish I only had room to use them or display them. Most of the things aren't really "me" but I treasure them in a sense because they mean something to someone I love. Reality is, I'm drowning in things I can't even enjoy.

I know there's many of you out there in the same situation so you can relate.

How can tangible items such as a used chair from so and so's neighbor's son's cat's flea possibly be so powerfully emotional an item that one is afraid to punt it into a dumpster? I say we all stop letting "treasures" rule our lives! LOL!

Well, there's a happy ending in sight I believe. I put my foot down gently. I FINALLY told my family that though I am so happy they gave such nice things, I just don't have room and to never bring anything to my home again that isn't "usable"- as in it will either be replacing something else I can toss out OR it gets used UP and disappears.

The dumpsters are coming, I've banned everyone from coming over while I de-treasure my home ( because they will stand there saying, "OMG NOT THAT! YOU CAN't THROW THAT AWAY)!! The warning has been sent to come get everything they don't wish to see thrown out and take it BACK to your house. Sigh, why oh WHY are we sometimes forced to be stern?! I SO suck at being stern. I failed that subject in Jr. High. Damnit, damnit! LOL

On the up side, it's a beautiful day here and I just know all of you are having a great one too so all's good here in the "Prattle" land.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Kindnesses of others

I just recieved a parcel I'd been expecting. It was an order I made online of "100+ skeins of embroidery floss/thread". I had contacted the seller to say how thrilled I was to have "won" the item in auction and thanked her for such fair pricing habits.

To my utter surprise, the parcel not only contained what I had expected but also about 200 more skeins than was listed- plus a package of needles. Not a huge deal, I know...

So you're probably thinking, "what's your point, Penny"? Sometimes I lapse and let life's little servings of sh*t sandwiches get to me. Bad days come and go and we think, "tomorrow will be better" and usually it is. When someone extends a tiny kindness, it really effects others. Maybe all the poo-filled days are just prerequisites for the ones full of smiles? Just a thought.

I hope you all are having a smiley day...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

That's what you get for thinking...

I bet you all were hoping to find something remotely significant or even life-altering when you came here to my messy little office. Admit it!

You see, that's what you get for thinking! Now from time to time, something amazing might be posted here by someone more insightful than I...or maybe even I might have a creative day once!

Alas, here you will most likely find conversations about every day life and the humour it contains. I try to keep it clean, though my language can be a tiny bit colourful in the process of prattling on. Life is just like that at times. I hope you all will follow that example and keep things PG-R rated.

In that light, here's a question for you: Have you ever fought tooth and nail to back up an idea or thought you had- only to find out, in the end, that you were an idiot? Yeah...I have too. Often. I need to either stop doing that OR stop sharing those "iffy" ideas, therefore skipping the "dangit, I did it again" thing. I let you know later how that turns out for me.