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Friday, June 4, 2010

Kindnesses of others

I just recieved a parcel I'd been expecting. It was an order I made online of "100+ skeins of embroidery floss/thread". I had contacted the seller to say how thrilled I was to have "won" the item in auction and thanked her for such fair pricing habits.

To my utter surprise, the parcel not only contained what I had expected but also about 200 more skeins than was listed- plus a package of needles. Not a huge deal, I know...

So you're probably thinking, "what's your point, Penny"? Sometimes I lapse and let life's little servings of sh*t sandwiches get to me. Bad days come and go and we think, "tomorrow will be better" and usually it is. When someone extends a tiny kindness, it really effects others. Maybe all the poo-filled days are just prerequisites for the ones full of smiles? Just a thought.

I hope you all are having a smiley day...


  1. Nice. Yesterday (6-5), I met a couple of folks who also went the extra mile. Sometimes it's too easy to "depend on the [maliciousness and stupidity] of strangers" when in fact, some folks, if given the opportunity, will respond with kindness.

  2. Well spoken, David and thank you for your thoughts!