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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's been a busy few weeks! I thought I had better stop in here and spend a few moments with you all before I get swept up in yet another project away from the computer =).

Now that it's been nearly a year since my little yorkie passed away, I find myself pondering something over and over. I've been told many times that no living being, other than humans, possess a "soul". I mean he was only a dog, right? Not a "PERSON".

I've heard this is stated in the Bible, but I can't prove that being I've read the Bible 3 times and still can't recall reading this. Maybe my comprehensive skills have fallen on the wayside since highschool? Anyhow, back to my thoughts at hand.

Humans and souls. A gift, for certain! Yet, humans commit the most souless acts known. Humans create offspring and then cast the same miraculous life away or abuse it as if it were rubbage. Humankind murders, lies, instigates war, judges unfairly, punishes without mercy and harms without remorse. Not all of us are guilty of these things but I am quite certain each of us have been a victim of them in one fashion or another. Humankind...blessed with a soul.

So then we have the other living creatures. I'll mention again, my initial subject: My beloved, lost pet. Here was a tiny creature so full of love and gentleness that even strangers were immediately enchanted by him. Oddly, he had more personality and understanding within his tiny, furry little face than most humans I've ever encountered. Truth be told, this little being most likely saved my life. If not for the 17 years he was with me, I can't say for certain I'd still be here. He alarmed me against humans that meant to do me harm, was there with "kisses" when I needed a distraction. Details aren't necessary but I will say that for a souless being, that tiny little dog had more of an impact on my life than any thing else...somehow.

So, souless? Really? Maybe my definition of "soul" is different than others...

This post is dedicated to Blackjack
Feb.8, 1993- Aug.30, 2009

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  1. Well said, Pen. BlackJack...goodness! I still remember that first sight of him peering out from your cleavage! AHAHAHA!!!

    I believe those furry companions have souls..and, I think we, as humans, need to mimic them more often--their selflessness, their complete acceptance, their willingness to forgive.

    Well done, well written... xx